Like most people, I used to be intimidated by and afraid of investing in the stock market. This was because I lacked understanding of how businesses and investing work, assuming that there is a lot of risk involved. However, by investing in stocks for nearly a decade I have learnt a lot and that it is significantly more risky to have money sitting in low rate interest accounts rather than investing it. You need to have the money working for you.

To achieve financial independence, the key is to save substantially and invest in low cost funds or to carry out business activities. This is what I write about on this blog; and I have taken the best content, improved it and included it in my book: Compound Your Freedom. The book details how I am working to achieve financial independence within a period of about 10 years. To find out more about what is in the book you and how it can help you, you can download a free sample. The complete book is available for purchase here:

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