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Are you ready to start or learn more about investing in Stocks and Shares?

Fed up with very low returns on you cash savings accounts?

In this day and age if you want to improve your finances and build wealth from the stock market you need to take action now.

Most people have been made to think that investing in stocks and shares is extremely risky business and only the preserve of the enlightened few such as wall street bankers or the super wealthy. However, a number of people on normal incomes have decided to challenge this notion by investing successfully, enabling them to achieve goals which would have otherwise been unachievable.

These goals such as getting out of debt or achieving financial independence are difficult to achieve by simply saving money in ultra low interest cash savings account, particularly when inflation is high. Investing wisely is the key. This is where this book comes in. It will  outline simple methods of investing in stock market index funds.

The steps taken are based on extensive research and experience of a UK based middle class professional but the principles are applicable in most countries in the world.

What you will learn

Why index funds are the best way to invest for most people

investing returns tableRenowned investors like Warren Buffett and Vanguard Investments founder John Bogle strongly recommend that most people will do well if they invest in low cost index funds such as those that track the S&P 500, NIKKEI 225 or FTSE 100 indices.

This book presents a guide on how to start investing in these funds by using investment accounts available to most people such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) and Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP). Accounts with different tax treatments can be used to your advantage.

Expected long term returns and risk levels are outlined, with recommendations for the most appropriate asset allocation according to your age and objectives. Projections of how you can build your own financial snowball in a few years are illustrated in detail.

How to get the best out of your investments and stay motivated

When investing to achieve your goals it is very important to stay the course. Remaining motivated can be a challenge.This book presents top tips, tools and strategies of how you can analyse your investments in-order track progress and make adjustments if needed. This includes methods for keeping track of dividends and how important the reinvesting of dividends is when to comes to long term wealth accumulation.

FIRE Chart

Access to the top tools and resources

nest-egg-calculatorInformation is power. Several tools and resources for determining the impact of investments on you life are provided. In addition equations such as the 4% rule are presented.

When informed, with all the data available, you will be in a much better position to make the best decisions based on rational rather than having to guess.

An example is the nest egg calculator which can be used to determine how long a particular investment portfolio can last when a specific proportion of it is withdrawn from it every year.

Other resources are useful references to other books, podcasts and personal finance blogs in the financial independence/ early retirement space.

Personal finance top tips

Among the information provided are top tips for improving your personal finances and building wealth such as:

  • Practical strategies for achieving financial independence
  • How to earn passive income from investments
  • How to cut your expenses and save more money
  • Cost effective ways of car ownership
  • Making savings when travelling abroad
  • How to track your net worth
  • Benefits of having an emergency fund and how to go about setting up one
  • The effects of currency exchange rates and home bias on portfolios

About the author

authorSimba is an investing enthusiast and personal financial blogger. He studied for a Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Manchester, UK and a Masters in (Information Technology) Engineering Design at Edinburgh Napier University. Following these studies, he went on to work in consulting engineering, design and in the IT industry. Having been enlightened by others on how complete financial independence can be achieved, Simba came from a position of financial illiteracy to heavily educating himself on the basics of personal finance and went on to discover advanced strategies to harness one’s finances.

Believing in the power of this financial knowledge, he is eager to share as much of it as he can too as wide an audience as possible. Not wanting to continue facing the prospect of staying in a mundane office job, he is also venturing into several business ideas, both online and physical product based. If successful, as with the case of investing in stock market index funds, the author has the intention of sharing all the knowledge gained to others.

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