Investor tools

Investment calculator

This section provides investment calculators which are useful for analysing and projecting finances, which can be used to help in achieving Financial Independence.

It is amazing what wonders can be achieved by understanding and using mathematics for planning and optimising your lifestyle.

How to build a diversified investment portfolio

To build a suitable investment portfolio a number of factors need to be considered. Everyone’s situation is unique, therefore an appropriate portfolio is essential. The tools below provide a recommended example portfolio’s asset allocation. The results also present an outline and proportions of investment funds  needed in the portfolio.

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculates Compound Interest from a given starting amount, interest rate and number of years of investing.

Vanguard tools

The Vanguard UK website has a range of tools which are useful for analysing you finances, making projections and determining the impact of investment costs. Tools available here are asset class risk, the impact of cost, the importance of discipline and the power of compounding.

FIRECalc: A different kind of retirement calculator

The FIRECalc calculates a range of scenarios for an investment portfolio over a number of decades based on historical returns. It also provides a graphical output of all the possible outcomes. FIRECalc enables you to understand if your investment would be sufficient to support financial independence.