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It is important to know your net worth if you want a clear picture of your financial situation.  This is a guide for finding out and tracking your net worth. A free net worth tracker spreadsheet and tutorial video are also provided. Personal net worth is defined as the value all the assets which an individual owns minus a total of the person’s liabilities.

Determining and tracking your net worth will enable you to effectively set financial objectives such as reducing or eliminating debt, setting up a savings plan, investing in stocks or planning for a big purchase. I regard it is the very first step of any good financial plan. It is about knowing exactly where you stand financially.

What are assets and liabilities

Assets have the capability of generating income or appreciating in value as opposed to liabilities which may depreciate in value or incur costs to the owner.

Examples of assets are investment funds, dividend paying stocks, rental properties, vehicles used for hire, software which can be licensed and music with a recurring income stream and equipment which can be hired out for cash. Examples of liabilities are cars for personal use, bank loans, credit card or other debt, boats and planes.

Net Worth tracker spreadsheet

Net Worth tracker spreadsheet overview

Net Worth tracker spreadsheet overview

Here is an overview of the net worth tracker spreadsheet. Labels on the spreadsheet are explained below:

    1. Net Worth – The  vertical axis of the chart shows total net worth after all assets and liabilities have been accounted for.
    2. Chart – Each bar shows the total value of assets at a specific time. Each colour coded bar above zero represents a particular asset, therefore the bars are stacked up to represent the combined value of assets. The red bar, with a negative value is a total of all liabilities. Resultant net worth is shown by the grey line.
    3. Dates – The date is represented by these rows. Recordings of data are done quarterly (every 3 months). This time period helps to maintain a long term investment/ saving horizon while minimising time and effort needed to update the data.
    4. Assets – The assets are recorded here. Create or modify the columns to show the assets you own. The final column in this section (Total Assets) automatically sums up all the assets.
    5. Liabilities – The liabilities are entered here as a negative value. Create or modify the columns to show all liabilities. The final column in this section (Total Liabilities) automatically sums up all the liabilities.
    6. Net Worth Calculation – This column automatically determines the Net Worth, based on all data previously input.
    7. Annual Gain – This is the year on year actual gain or loss in Net Worth. The financial year is used for this, starting in every April.
    8. Gain (K) – This metric shows the quarterly gain or loss. It is simple and provides a quick snapshot of performance and trends over time. Each whole number represent 1,000 of your currency.

Download the Net Worth tracker and video demo

You can view a video demonstrating how to use the net worth tracker on my Youtube channel below.

You can access and copy the free Net Worth spreadsheet tracker here. A Google drive account is required as this is a Google Sheets document.

Free Net Worth Tracker:

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